Every business has different needs. We can customize packages to fit those.

But one thing is constant - they all need customers!

Weldwood Marketing specializes in DIGITAL MARKETING, LEAD GENERATION and AUTOMATED CUSTOMER FOLLOW-UP. As one friend put it, “That’s a whole lot of things I don’t understand…”

At heart, we generate EXCLUSIVE, SPECIFIED, SELF-VERIFYING LEADS for businesses. In other words, the leads are 100% YOURS, they're your IDEAL CUSTOMER, and they VERIFY THEMSELVES without you having to filter out the "tire kickers."

And when those leads come in, we AUTOMATE THE FOLLOW-UP. So while you’re busy doing what you do, you’re getting customers. From advertising to scheduling, you don’t have to touch a thing. No more cramming phone calls at the end of the day or weeding through e-mails.

Beyond that, we specialize in various avenues of digital advertising that work for your business: Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Google ads, LinkedIn ads, marketing funnels, website building. Whatever fits your niche.

We’ve Got You Covered

Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Get in front of your customers! Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Ads.

Lead Generation & Delivery

Exclusive, self-verifying leads delivered directly to you via e-mail and text

Business Automation

Connect with your customers using self-booking calendars and personalized, automated emails and texts.

Customer Relationship Management

Manage your leads with a customizable drag-and-drop customer pipeline

Custom Marketing Funnels

Get the attention of potential customers online with a landing page for your products and services

Website Design

Fresh, modern website design to fit your needs - easy to edit and assistance when you need it!

Online Presence

Branding, logo design, Google My Business - there's a lot that goes into your online presence!

Search Engine Optimization

We offer SEO services featuring industry-leading performance, guaranteeing your business' website climbs the ranks of search engine results.

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