Digital Marketing Agency, Eugene, Oregon

Digital Marketing is a Monster. We’ll help you slay it.

Whether it’s the life-sucking Google Beast, the unpredictable Meta Monster, or the wiley lil’ Wordpress, we’ll help you get these creatures under control!

Your online presence is too complicated.

If you feel overwhelmed and frustrated that your online presence isn’t setup correctly and might actually be LOSING you money…you’re not alone.

Running a business shouldn’t be this hard and time-consuming! You created your business to provide services and products related to your industry, NOT to manage your online presence and marketing.

We understand. Fortunately, you don’t have to figure it out! At Weldwood Marketing, we’re REALLY into this stuff. Let’s make sure your online presence and marketing is organized and optimized!

Websites Built for humans

Weldwood Marketing is a bunch of humans helping business owners who are humans find humans to give them money. Your website should be built for humans. It’s really that simple. And your website should reflect it!

Responsive Design

Most of your website traffic is on mobile these days. So that pretty desktop version you have is only as good as it is responsive to mobile, tablet, and whatever else they’re inventing. We’ll take care of that.

Fast Load Times

No one likes to wait. If your website loads like a DMV queue, people are leaving. From image compressing to removing excess code, we’ll do what’s needed to get your website cruising!

Higher Search Ranking

We build on Wordpress, which is still the industry standard for SEO. When we build, we lay the foundation to build your Search Engine Optimization strategy on. Oh, and we’ll also do your SEO if you’d like.

Built with Less Bloat

We’re allergic to complexity – and so are your customers. And we’re going to bet you are, too! The backend of your website should be as functional as the frontend, so your website can be edited as needed.

Consistent Branding

Branding is so much more than logos and colors – it includes your messaging and “the feel” people get when they encounter your business. Your website is a key part of your brand! Let’s make sure it’s YOU!

Website Hosting

Ah yes, the afterthought of web design. Hosting is vital to the health, speed, and security of your website. We offer topshelf web hosting at a remarkably competitive price! We call that “worry-free hosting.”

Need Marketing Services?

We don’t blame you! Growing a business is hard. And rather than over-paying for an in-house marketing person, you could get a whole team! From Google Ads and Social Media Marketing, to SEO and Business Automation, we’ve got you covered!

Expertise You Can Trust

We’ve been around the Earth a few times, and we’ve seen some things. From multi-million dollar businesses, to at-home startups, we’ve managed millions of dollars in marketing efforts. Our owner literally wrote the book on how bad digital marketing sucks. The book is called, “Digital Marketing Sucks.” Shocker. We might be just what you’re looking for!

Websites Designed

This is not our first rodeo. Rather than you having to make every stupid little decision, we’ll guide you through the process!

Years in SEO

Our team has been ranking sites since they were in highschool. And we keep up on the trends and algorithm changes!

Years in WordPress

Wordpress can be a real pain sometimes, but it’s necessary! All the builders, all the plugins, all the stuff – we’re familiar with it!

Happy Clients

We really like people. You’re not just an account number. We actually talk about you by name. And we want you to know us by name!